Michelle Saenz Burrola

Notas sobre performance
archive / drawing
writting / performance

[Notas sobre performance]
revisits the photographic documentation of a performance exercise
that took place in 2018, one that explored colors used in writing, the relationships between bodies [cuerpas], and elements of everyday life. The experience and memory of a past action reappears in material, bodily, and virtual fragments, whose scales are amplifed by means of real-time projections of moving images.

Museo de Arte Carrillo Gil, MACG, Mexico City as part of the collective exhibition Hacer algo de la Nada curated by Carmen Huizar and Daniela Flores Arias founders of the collective and platform nohacernada.org

America por el sur (2021)
Drawing &
video installation

This was a series of drawings and paintings made with chalk on blackboards. The series includes drawing of borders and hypothetical maps, what woul it be if the projection of the map changes? The video alludes to the drawing where the continent comes together by the south in a mirror effect as a body organ.

This project began in 2018 with a series of chalkboard paintings.

Lagos residencias, exhibition Rabia en los labios mareos en el corazón curated by Ivonne Dubois in Mexico City.

Ensayo sobre mapas (2021)
video-essay & riso publication
2020-2021, Tabasco 258, entering the network exhibition, curated by Omar Bocanegra with contributions of Maria Paz, Esteban King, Adriana Melchor Betancourt 

 Iztaccíhuatl en erupción
performance research 
2019, colectiva Maleza en La Quiñonera as part of the colective  exhibition Preparar la tierra, temporada de procesos.
Invisible bodies (brance)
2020 Part of the online exhibition Performance-homeworks curated by Michikasu Matsune

Site peaceific
2016-2018 A video-essay portraying the interrelation of a number of problematics in a specific neighbourhood in Mexico City. The neighbors come together to fight the injustices privatization is imporsing.

Michelle Sáenz Burrola